Dr. John Hellemans : Effectiveness of Pre-Acclimatisation



For safer and more enjoyable treks and mountain ascents, we have a number of programs to assist with mountain fitness and high altitude acclimatisation, up to 5400m.


Choose from:

2 week block: $240

4 week block: $420

Additional weeks: $90

Casual Session: $30

Mountain Fitness package (6 weeks): $510.
Do you really want to enjoy your trip? Then this package is perfect for you! Get stronger and fitter in the first 6 weeks at an altitude between 2400m-3000m and use the last 2 weeks to adapt to an even higher altitude, up to 5400m in the altitude room or 6500m on the hypoxicator.

What does it include?
All our Mountain packages include a altitude response test, a tailored program and up to 3 sessions a week in either the altitude room or on the hypoxicator. The altitude room will be between 2400 – 5400m depending on your program. All sessions will need to be booked in advance, and High altitude sessions in the altitude room can only be guaranteed within certain time frames, see booking schedule.
Our Mountain Fitness package also includes a body composition and benchmark fitness test and retesting after you 6 week training program.

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