Altitude Training in the Center of Christchurch

Simulated Altitude up to

Indoors at 41 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch
There is less oxygen at High Altitudes
Your body reacts to this and creates physical adaptations
These altitude adaptations make you supercharged at sea level
Giving you advantages that are unobtainable from any other form of training

Sport Advantage

  • Increases Your EPO & Red Blood Cells
  • Speed, Strength & Endurance Gain
  • Increased Lung Capacity
  • More Oxygen Delivery
  • Distinct Aerobic Advantage

Effective Weight Loss

  • Altitude air increases your metabolic rate
  • You burn more calories, just sitting at Altitude
  • Exercise at Altitude burns more calories than exercise at sea level
  • Your metabolism stays high for longer after training

Trekking & Ascents

  • Prepare for Trekking & Mountain ascents
  • Making them Safer and more enjoyable
  • Train Solo or in Groups of up to 10 at a time
  • Specifically tailored¬† programs¬† available

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